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Hiking – on the safe side!

Our tips for your hiking adventures

Hiking has to be learned … or simply well prepared. Here are our five tips for hiking in the Tyrolean mountains!

Are you heading to the mountains for the first time, or for the first time in a long time? To help you prepare, here are our top five tips for your adventures in nature. And if you are still looking for an accommodation in Austria, stop by our Hotel Prutz!

  1. Self-evaluation: Know your fitness level, your limits, your needs. This is essential for choosing the right level of difficulty.
  2. Route planning: Don't go into the mountains without a plan. It's easy to get lost, even if you think following the signs as easy as child’s play. It definitely isn’t.
  3. Water: Make sure you bring plenty of water to drink – for you and for your four-legged friends.
  4. Shoes: Good hiking boots are essential. They improve grip on the ground and protect your ankles.
  5. Weather: Trust the weather forecast and experienced mountain guides. The weather in the mountains can change in a flash.

There were only supposed to be five, but here is our bonus tip:

  1. Respect: You are entering the habitat of countless plants and animals. Do not litter, respect their home, and try to stay on the marked paths.