Your hotel next to the Kaunergrat Nature Reserve

An exciting world for nature explorers

84 three-thousand-metre peaks. 50 farmed Alpine pastures and Tyrol's greatest biodiversity in the worlds of flora and fauna. In this region alone, there are 1,200 native species of ibex and 1,100 species of butterfly. For mountaineers and hikers from all over the world, this extraordinary nature and adventure park has a magical attraction. Visitors have always been drawn here thanks to the incomparable hiking and climbing opportunities with majestic Alpine backdrops.

This fascinating nature park is also the site for many unforgettable adventures for families and children. But that’s not all: in the Kaunergrat Nature Reserve, right next to our Hotel Post in Prutz, you will also find Tyrol's first "Naturparkhaus", home to the "3000 m Vertical" multi-dimensional exhibition among others. Whether you are interested in the eternal ice and bizarre landscapes of the glaciers, the ancient upland moors, or watching animals in the wild, the Kaunergrat Nature Reserve offers a number of themed routes and hiking trails to suit all areas of interest.

For those yearning for the peaks: the Kaunergrat Nature Reserve is home to the Wildspitze, which at 3,774 metres is the second highest mountain in Austria. Start directly from our hotel next to the Kaunergrat Nature Reserve. There’s so much to discover!